(2022) Awesome Press for The Mentor

“The Mentor” Reviews & Press

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“continues to thrill with its twists and turns along with the unforgettable ending.”
World Film Geek
“scathingly satirical, undeniably, darkly humorous, and playfully dramatic…”
One Film Fan
“the perfect indie movie: completely self-aware, honest and untouched by big-studio restrictions.”
Outside The Spotlight
“reminiscent to something like the Coen brothers’ Barton Fink or Hail, Caesar!”
Cinema Smack
“there’s real intelligence in how the movie is layered.”
U.K. Film Review
“The direction and the script are both top-notch… [and] more rewarding with each subsequent viewing.”
Reel Reviews
“Both suspenseful and quite funny… It’s a fun watch.”
The Independent Film Critic
“The cast does a great job finding the right comedic tone…”
Hoy Sale Cine
“I can see this one becoming a hidden gem…”
Jessica Baxter
“Liz [Sklar] is damn amazing… [an] incredible standout performance.”
Dan’s Movie Report
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